Friday, August 23, 2019

Positive Impressions

If your grandchildren have been surrounded with loving, grace-filled, caring adults who have modeled to them what it looks like to love others and who have loved them, then the impressions which have, "fallen" on them are those which leave positive impressions - the kind of impressions we want to be made on them.

If, however; your grandchildren have experienced difficult situations, have been harmed by people who should have loved them, have experienced bullying or other types of trauma, then the impressions which have, "fallen" on them are those which leave negative impressions.

As a grandparent, it is our heart's desire to make and leave positive impressions - when we are able to team up with the parents to leave these positive impressions, we are able to be very effective. But, if, for whatever reason, we are on our own to make positive impressions upon our grandchildren, then this is where our church should definitely step up to walk alongside us and help with these positive impressions. 

Now, we may think it is a "given" for our churches to do this - and some, even many, do. But, sadly, not all. Some churches do not see the need for them to walk alongside grandparents who may have custody of their grandchildren or who are trying to make those positive impressions on their grandchildren. 

If your church is there for you - rejoice! If not, keep your eyes open for grandparents in your church who need someone to walk alongside them - be this person. Linda Ranson Jacobs - one of our Grandmas with Heart and the Founder of DC4Kids wrote an excellent article for the DC4Kids blog about Emotionally Exhausted Grandparents - and included ten ways a church is able to help. If your church isn't helping, look over this list (you will find the article at this link) and pick a few ways you are able to help the grandparents in your church. Help make positive impressions!

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