Thursday, August 1, 2019

Redeem the Days

For the past couple days in particular, I've been writing about how God knew what He was doing when He gave us the children and grandchildren we have. Two days ago I wrote about how each of the people in your life are there for a purpose - they are Divine Appointments. Yesterday I wrote about how these "Divine Appointments" are unique, special, incredible creations of God - He, "made one version" of them. Just as God has a purpose for you; He has a purpose for each of them.

Today I want to encourage you to redeem the days you have been given and take every opportunity to hand down a rich heritage of faith to the people God has placed in your family.

This time of year is a special time for me - we just celebrated my middle grandson's birthday, next week we are celebrating my youngest grandson's birthday and next month my oldest grandson's birthday. We have much to celebrate as we have been richly blessed for sure. While I think all year about handing down the faith, this time of year it is particularly on my mind. As I watch my grandsons grow up, I am more and more aware while it absolutely matters for me to tell them the truth and to hand down the faith by the things I say, I know I have to move from laying a foundation (the speaking part) to engaging them in making the faith their own. This is the part where I have to focus upon equipping them to take what they have heard me and their poppa tell them about God, to making it their own faith, their own walk with God.

There are many things out there vying for the time of the ones we love - especially as the new school year kicks in once again. So, it is essential for us to do all we are able to do to provide doable resources, tools they will easily be able to take and make their own as they learn to walk with God. This is why I make resources, like the prayer reminder/card I shared earlier this week, which I am able to give to my grandsons for them to use on their own. 

I can not depend upon the church to hand faith to my grandsons - it is not their job to do this; God gave this job and joy to grandparents and parents. And, it truly varies from church to church how much they understand the impact they have on children, teens and grandparents - do the actually engage children in the learning process, so they do not get the mistaken idea God, the Bible and church are boring? While this certainly matters for all children, if the grandparents are the ones who bring children to church, it makes a huge difference - typically if the children do not want to go to church, they do not have to go. Grandparents especially need their church to engage their grandchildren. And, grandparents who hand down faith alone sincerely need the support and encouragement of their church, so they do not feel so alone in this essential responsibility. 

As grandparents, we have to be focused. We have to be intentional. We have to be creative. It matters what we do - it truly matters. So, while we talk and tell them about God, how He has worked in our lives and how they are able to believe the Bible, we are focused upon equipping them to grow in their own walk with God. Feel free to use the resources we share with you here on Grandmas with Heart with the children/grandchildren God has blessed you.

We need to redeem the days; we know they pass quickly, all too quickly. Take every opportunity to hand down a rich heritage of faith and equip the ones God has given to you to grow in their own walk with God.

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