Friday, August 16, 2019

Sources of Wisdom & Security

As grandparents we have the wonderful opportunity to do things with our grandchildren which they will remember throughout their lives - we are able to be the people who teach them to cook, fish, how to throw a water balloon, how to play chess and tell the very best, funniest jokes. All important things, for sure. But we are also able to be the people they will remember for how we made them feel secure and loved and for how they were always able to turn to us with questions or concerns and know we would give them wise answers, pray with them and help them find the answers if we did not know them. 

The "job" of grandparent is an important one, because while we certainly are able to build those fun memories - and absolutely should do so - we are able to help them with the things which matter the most as we hand down the faith. As our grandchildren grow older, they will have more questions and we have more opportunities to give them answers - and help them discover the truth as well.

Yesterday I wrote about why it is so essential for us to help lay a foundation securely grounded in the truth of God's Word, but how we also have to give our grandchildren the "whys" - why they are able to believe the Bible, why they are able to know God is real, why their faith is real. As wise grandmas (and grandpas) we need to hand down truth and answer the questions about the "whys". This must be a priority for us. When we show the wisdom to do this, we will point our grandchildren to the One who is able to give them the true wisdom and security they will need throughout their lives.

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