Thursday, August 29, 2019

Take Heart - God's Power is Available to You

What is on your heart today? What is the thing about which you continue to think and pray? Is someone you love far from God? Are you concerned your grandchildren are losing interest in walking with God? As they grow older have they told you - as a friend told me her grandson told her - they are, "not into that God thing so much any more"? Is someone you love struggling with the return to school? Does your heart ache because your grandchildren live far from you? What is on your heart?

Take heart! As Joyce Meyer said; "The power of God is available to you today to help you do whatever you need to do; and with a smile on your face!"

Take your concerns to God in prayer and return to those prayers throughout the day; whenever you think of them - but, as I wrote in the previous post, be sure to focus upon the greatness of God. Find a friend, or a group at your church, to pray with you. Then, know you have done what God wants you to do - you brought your concerns to Him. He is able - and oh, so willing - to do what He does . . . draw the ones you both love to Him, provide His power, love, joy and peace to them and give you His peace as well.

Continue to love them. Continue to grow in your own walk with and trust in God and in so doing, know you are modeling how your faith is real and most importantly, so is God.

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