Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Greatest "Returns" Now & For Generations to Come

I love this quote - it is absolutely true. There are so many reasons for us to invest our time in the grandchildren God has given to us, but knowing time spent while they are young is able to help them grow up feeling loved and wanted and help them learn to make wise choices as they learn how to experience the joy of knowing and walking with God is certainly at the top of the list. God 's best plan for handing down the faith is for the grandparents and parents to be the people who hand down the faith - yes, this is God's best plan! There are many reasons for this, but one is certainly for how when we do, we help these children grow up feeling the security and joy of knowing they are loved by us and by Him.
It has actually been fairly easy for my grandsons to believe God loves them, because they hear, see and experience the love I and their poppa have for them - typically several times a week as we are very blessed to see them often. They know we love them and we tell them God loves them - they believe us. Like my middle grandson says, they have been coming to my house since they were born and we have been telling them about Jesus all their lives.

Now, I know not all of us live close enough to spend time with grandchildren often, but all of us are able to communicate a solid, strong, secure love for our grandchildren and let them know God loves them even more than do we. Even if you have grown sons/daughters who do not want you to talk about God with your grandchildren - or older grandchildren who do not - you are still able to model God's love and pray for the opportunities to share the truth with them. I do not believe you should go against the parameters set by your grandchildren's parents. Continue to love them and make them part of your prayers - get friends to join you in praying for them. As I wrote a couple days ago, there are some blessings for which we may need to wait - and the blessing of grown sons/daughters/in-laws who walk with God and hand down the faith to your grandchildren is one for which some of us have to wait (myself included).

However; for my grandsons (and your own grandchildren) to grow up knowing they are loved lays a firm foundation for us to build upon to help them grow up to be healthy adults. If you should ever think for one moment the work you do and the time you spend in showing your love and in handing down the faith may not matter, definitely think again. Time spent investing in your grandchildren is the best way to spend the time you have - as it will bring the greatest returns - now and for generations to come.

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