Monday, September 30, 2019

Count Your Blessings

I love the old hymns; so many of them had such solid lyrics which left us both challenged and encouraged. Those old songs are wonderful parts of our faith tradition and are useful when handing down the faith; for example, look at chorus for the song, Count Your Blessings . . .

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith

One week from today on October 7, 2019 you will be able to receive your own Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith. In this book I look at what it takes to develop a walk of faith, how to live as someone whose faith is real and ways to reproduce and hand down the faith to the generations who come behind you. I wrote about people from the Bible, people from time and people from today and how they did these things to develop a strong Spiritual DNA. Look at some of the things people are saying about my book!


There are many things in life which bring us great joy - becoming parents brought this joy to me, and so did becoming a grandma. God certainly did not have to bless me with the grandsons He has given to me, but He did and I am oh, so thankful.

As September ends and October begins I want to be quick to both watch for God's great blessings and thank Him for them. I am oh so thankful for the family God has given to me - they are gifts from His hand and bring me so much joy!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

I Sure Love How God Answers Your Prayers

Underestimating what God can and will do for us; I don't know about you, but this is something I have done. More than once, I have looked at challenges in my life and in the lives of the ones I love and, from my perspective, they looked enormous. For example, my oldest grandson was going to be going to a new school this Fall and did not get in the school which was his first choice. (I wrote about the "enormous" problem at the following link and about God's amazing answer at this link.)

Talk Candidly with Jesus

Sherry Schumann is one of our Grandmas with Heart. She has a blog and recently wrote a powerful post about prayer. If you have ever wondered if God hears your prayers or if you should even "bother" Him with your concerns, take a few minutes to read what Sherry wrote. You will be encouraged with the truth, because as Sherry said - "Jesus wants you to talk candidly with Him about the things which cause you concern or give you angst."

Prayer for Our Grandchildren to Follow Jesus

Lord Jesus,

We pray for our grandchildren who aren’t being raised in Christian homes. Let them hear Your voice calling, “Follow me.” Let them—like Andrew and Peter, James and John—drop their nets, leave their boats and chase after You with abandonment and joy.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

We Have an "Expiration Date", So Hand Down the Faith

When we are committed to be grandmas (and grandpas/parents who hand down the faith) we absolutely understand the truth in this quote. We do teach by all means possible, we do remember and hold tightly to the Character of God, and take every opportunity to teach our grandchildren how they are able to know, love and walk with God, because we know our time is limited; we have more days behind us than there are before us. We have an "expiration date". Our time on Earth is limited.

Free Books to Enjoy with Your Grandchildren

One of the things we want to do on this blog is to let you know about resources you are able to use to equip yourself in handing down the faith as well as resources you are able to give to or use with your grandchildren. Today I am so happy and honored to let you know about a couple wonderful books for children, written by a sweet friend, Angels All Around and Angels on Guard. These books are free on Amazon - yes free!

Trust God When We Understand & When We Do Not

There are things I do not understand when it comes to life, God and the Bible, but I do believe the Bible is true, God's unfailing love is real and I do not have to go through this life alone, because God is faithful to stay with me, as He has promised. In a world where there are so many things I do not understand I am so thankful to be able to hold tightly to God's Word and believe it; all of it. Knowing I have things I do not understand about life, it is not just possible, but highly likely the ones I love will also experience things in their lives which they do not understand at one time or another as well.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Do What God Tells You to Do Now

There are times when it may feel overwhelming to hand down the faith. Times when you just do not know if you are able to go on. Times when you do not know what to do next.

In those times, tell yourself the truth: if you do what God tells you to do now . . . do not worry about what you need to do next year, next month, next week, tomorrow or even in the next hour, just do what God tells you to do now. When you do this, as Elisabeth Elliot said; you are able to depend upon knowing God will show you what to do next.

So They Will Know to Hand it On

While I do not want to go back in time to the "good old days" to a "simpler" time (was there ever really such a time???), I do believe life today has fewer of the influences which were there when I was younger. When I was a child pretty much every family on my street went to church - not necessarily the same church, but they mostly all went to church and had a faith perspective which we do not necessarily see today. When I was a child pretty much every one of my teachers in the public school were Christians - not all, but most of them certainly were. When I was a child pretty much every show we watched on TV showed families who had a grounding in the Bible - they prayed at meals, went to church, read and held up as true the Bible - or at least treated the Bible, God and church with respect. Certainly not all, but most.

It was a different time.

Be a Life Changer Who Makes a Difference

Cathy Jacobs is one of our Grandmas with Heart and she is also the founder of Pass the Legacy Ministries and the author of Pass the Legacy 7 Keys for Grandparents Making a Difference - a book filled with practical information on how to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of the ones you love. I love how Cathy tells us we have a "God-given power" to be a "life changer" for our grandchildren and a grandparent who makes a difference!

I certainly want to be a "life changer" and make a difference in the lives of the ones I love and know I absolutely need God's power and wisdom to do so. Thankfully, I know where to find this power and wisdom . . .

Thursday, September 26, 2019

But God Was Working

In my new book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, which you will be able to download the Kindle copy for free October 7-11, 2019, I am honored to share part of another friend's amazing Faith & Prayer History. 

Ragaee Daniel is from Egypt and he shared how he ended up in an Egyptian jail for being a Christian; when he tried to tell the jailer about Jesus, he was told he would never see the sun again. Ragaee went on to tell how he prayed and God answered with a miracle and freed him from the jail! It is exciting to hear about his powerful faith and prayer history!

Let Them Hear & Read God's Word, Too

I have personally read through the Bible many times in my life – as you have likely done as well, however; I recently came across a verse which I'm sure I must have read before, but just truly "noticed" . . . .

God's Good Plans For Us, Too

I have truly been blessed with three fantastic boys for my grandsons. I love everything about being their grandma, especially when it comes to handing down the faith. It does not have to be overwhelming to hand down the faith. It does not have to be confusing to hand down the faith. It does not have to be too hard to hand down the faith. Handing down the faith is what I do in the planned times - such as focused times to read God's Word and pray together or go on a nature walk together to worship God for His amazing creation, or when I tell them about a "why" we are able to believe . . . such as how God created Okapi with infrasonic calls or the Carrier Crab and Fire Urchin or about irreducibly complex systems.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children

When I was a child I always received books as part of my birthday and Christmas gifts from my parents. When I became a parent, my children always received books as part of their birthday and Christmas gifts from their dad and me. Now I am a grandma and my grandchildren receive a lot of books from their poppa and me. Books make wonderful gifts - any time of the year and for any special time . . . or to make any time special.

So, with Christmas just three months from today (yes, just three months from today) I would like to encourage you to consider purchasing a special book which will help the children you love learn to pray the Psalms and journal their prayers for themselves. This book - Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children - will help you hand down the faith to the children you love and it will be released in October. 

Lost Camel/Cow, Remembering & Handing Down the Faith

Yesterday as I thought about what I should write for today, I remembered something which happened four years ago. Thanksgiving Day, after our meal, my grandsons helped decorate our Christmas Tree. They did a wonderful job, and while, yes, it looked like a two-year old, four-year old and a seven year old decorated the tree (they did), it was perfect! They had so much fun putting all the ornaments on the tree!

Quite a number of years before this, I crocheted a Nativity set with crochet cotton to put in my tree. On this particular year, four years ago, little Shane (two years old at the time) found the camel as we were taking ornaments out of the box to put on the tree. He smiled and said, "Moooo!" I told him it was a camel, not a cow and I was not really sure what a camel said, then was distracted and lost track of what Shane did with the camel. 

Later as we enjoyed the decorated tree with the twinkling lights, I noticed the camel was missing - not really a huge surprise. It was nowhere to be found. Being only two, Shane did not have much, "light" to shed on the subject as to where the camel/cow may be found.

A month and a half later when we took the tree down the missing camel was found! Apparently, Shane had placed the camel way, way, way back in the branches on the back side of the tree. 
I was happy the camel had been found, and I enjoyed the reminder of how much fun it was for the boys to decorate the tree. Now, these four years later, it is nice to be able to enjoy such wonderful memories . . . truly gifts from God. 

This reminds me of Psalms 78, because remembering and handing down is what Psalms 78 is talking about. It says the people of Israel forgot God. They did not remember, the older generations did not hand down the memories of how God showed Himself to be faithful and the younger generations forgot and did not know God.

They are Paying Attention

In my new book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, which you will be able to download the Kindle copy for free October 7-11, 2019, I am honored to share some of a friend's amazing Faith & Prayer History. Janae Dean, wife of Wayburn Dean from the amazing group Acappella, told me about the darkest day in her life; the day her son died. 

This was followed by the most amazing day in her life; the day God answered prayer and brought her son back to life. Her son had truly died; the doctors and tests all said he was brain dead, but God heard and answered their prayers and restored her son to life, and to health.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

You are Absolutely Able to Make a Difference

October 7-11, 2019 you will be able to download the Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith for free. In this book I look at how just like with our physical DNA which gives us the code we need to develop, live and reproduce, we are able to have a "spiritual DNA" where we develop a faith of our own, live as people of faith and reproduce by handing down the faith. To do this I looked at people from the Bible, people from time and people from today who developed, lived and reproduced a strong Spiritual DNA.

Two of the people from time whose stories I share in my book are Fanny and Eunice Crosby. You are likely familiar with Fanny Crosby - she wrote more than 9000 hymns - yes, more than 9000 - many of which we still sing in our churches today; such as Blessed Assurance and To God be the Glory. Fanny was blind and since her dad died when she was a baby and her mom had to work, she was mostly raised by her grandma, Eunice, who had her memorizing five chapters from the Bible every week - yes, every week! By the time she was fifteen Fanny had memorized the Pentateuch, the Gospels, Proverbs, the Song of Solomon, and many Psalms; there is a reason her hymns were so solid, Biblically. And, stop and think for a moment. Since Fanny was blind, for her to memorize five chapters from the Bible a week, someone had to read those chapters to her. Someone had to spend the time necessary to help her memorize. This someone was her grandma.

Tell the "Whys" - Irreducibly Complex Systems are Strong Scientific Evidence

As parents we likely did (or are doing) a decent job of teaching our children what to believe; teaching them the truth in God's Word. As grandparents we likely are doing a decent job of teaching our grandchildren what to believe; teaching them the truth in God's Word. It is important, and essential for us to do this. God tells us in His Word to teach the generations who come behind us Who He is and to remember and tell them the things He has done. We want them to know the truth of God's Word and we want them to believe, so we teach them.

Pray & Believe - God will Answer

We write a lot on Grandmas with Heart about praying for our grandchildren. There is a reason for this; it is one of the single-most powerful things we will ever do for them. 

We are not able to make our grandchildren believe in Jesus; but Jesus said He came to draw all people to Him.

Monday, September 23, 2019

A Prayer for God's Perfect Peace

As I sit here and write this post I'm listening to the morning news. The heart-breaking reports of severe weather, shootings, rumors of wars, election debates filled with anger which further divide us, questionable/concerning behavior of elected officials and so many more reports which may leave us feeling sad, frustrated, angry and even afraid. The world in which we, and the ones we love, are living is filled with these types of reports every day. But, we do not have to be afraid. We do not have to despair. We are able to have God's perfect peace, even in the sad and frustrating things which are happening.

As you go through this day, consider making the following prayer from Isaiah 26:3, 4 your "go-to" prayer whenever you feel frustrated, sad, angry or afraid. And, consider teaching it to your grandchildren as well . . . 

Make an Impression & a Lasting Difference

I have just been blessed to celebrate another birthday of one of my grandsons. As we celebrated I was reminded of what a gift he is and how very thankful I am for him. 

I told him I love him and am ever so thankful for him and he just smiled and said he knew it. He has heard it . . . a time or two! I love him and his brothers unconditionally - and they know it. Not only have they heard this - a lot - but they see it in the things I do. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Live as People Who choose to Follow God Wherever You Are

If you live near your grandchildren - you are able to be sure God put you where you are and you are able to live as someone who has made the choice to follow God. If you live far from your grandchildren - you are able to be sure God put you where you are and you are able to live as someone who has made the choice to follow God. If you are healthy, life is going well and you have no big concerns - you are able to be sure God put you where you are and you are able to live as someone who has made the choice to follow God. If you are experiencing challenges, difficult times, heartbreak - you are able to be sure God put you where you are and you are able to live as someone who has made the choice to follow God.

Time Spent in Prayer is NEVER Spent in Vain

I have very specific things I pray about throughout each day for the people I love. These prayers are on my heart and mind nearly all the time, so I depend upon the truth in this quote by Charles Spurgeon . . . the time I spend praying is NEVER time spent in vain. NEVER!

Prayer for Grandchildren to Discover God's Joy

Lord Jesus,
We’ve lived long enough to know true joy can’t be fabricated or faked, packaged or pursued. It’s not conditional, circumstantial or dependent on external things. Instead, it’s a state of being, a condition of the heart, which comes from abiding in You.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Pray Often & Give Thanks

Prayer has been on my heart and mind, a lot this week . . . you may have noticed! As I've written, over the last month or so, I've been blessed to see how God has answered some very important to me prayers (which means they are important to Him prayers, too.) There are also some very important to me (and to God) prayers I'm waiting for Him to answer - the sooner the better, but I know it will be in His perfect time. 

Are you able to identify with how I have been feeling about prayer? Have you been blessed to see God answer your prayers and/or still have some you would love to see answered - the sooner the better?

The Greatest Lessons are Learned from Children

As grandmas who are purposeful when it comes to handing down the faith, our grandchildren are learning, and will continue to learn, a lot from us. They learn about God, His love, trusting Him, talking with Him, showing His love to others, what it looks like to live our faith, how His Word is absolutely trustworthy and so much more. We are committed to handing down the faith and this means our grandchildren will learn a lot from us.

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Best Part of Growing Older

It dawned on me this morning, we are less than three and a half months from the end of 2019 and the start of a new year. Truly time does pass quickly and, like it or not, we are growing older; but there are many blessings which come with growing older and certainly one of them is the blessing of knowing and handing faith to our grandchildren. While we absolutely need to be focused and purposeful about praying and handing down the faith, we also need to be sure we take time to watch for how God answers our prayers and how our grandchildren are "taking" the faith and are learning to grow in their own walk with God. It matters for us to see what God is doing.

Leave the Most Powerful & Valuable Legacy for the Ones You Love

My best friend in high school was Teresa Moore. She took her faith and walk with God seriously and was determined to be a missionary. In college she met Tim Holmgren, they were married and served for 24 years in Papua New Guinea and then 12 more years at the New Tribes office in Florida. My friend was a woman of prayer, so when I started writing my new book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, I knew I wanted to ask Teresa to share part of her Faith History for the first chapter. Teresa graciously honored me by doing so and one of the things she shared is this saying;

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith

I am so happy to announce the release and the Kindle copy giveaway of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith. In this book I look at how our physical DNA is a truly amazing and essential part of who we are, as it holds the "code" or instructions for the things which make us unique as well as for the things we share. It connects us with the generations who came before us; as well as with those who come behind. It is the core of who we are physically. 

Yes, our physical DNA tells our cells and bodies how to Develop, Live and Reproduce, but let's think for a moment about another type of "DNA". A Spiritual DNA. More specifically, our "Faith and Prayer DNA". What are a, "Faith and Prayer DNA" you ask? Well, just as our physical DNA provides the code for how our bodies develop, live and reproduce, our "Faith and Prayer DNA" gives us the code or instructions which help us learn to develop a strong walk of faith, live as people who believe and reproduce by handing down to our children and our children's children a strong and healthy walk of faith. 

The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith will introduce you to people from the Bible - including Hannah, David, Jeremiah, Elisha, Jesus, Job, Joseph, the Kings of Judah, the Prodigal Son's Father and our own Heavenly Father, people from time - such as George Muller, Billy Graham, Fanny & Eunice Crosby, Elisabeth Elliot, Joni, Corrie Ten Boom, Martin & Katherine Luther, Charles Spurgeon and Dwigh L. Moody and people from today - including my friends Teresa Holmgren who shared how God answered her prayers for a child and then for a grandchild, Brad Burkhead who shared what it is like when your grown children and grandchildren move to Africa to be missionaries, my friend Ragaee Daniel shared how God saved him from an Egyptian prison, and my friend Janae Dean shared the powerful account of how God gave life back to her son when he was dead; all these accounts show us what it looked like for them to develop this strong and healthy "Faith and Prayer DNA". It also looks at how you are able to hand down the faith to the children you love in a way which will positively impact the generations who come behind you.

Mark your calendars and please, please tell every grandparent and parent you know - October 7-11, 2019 you will be able to get the Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith - for FREE! Look what people are saying - 

Be a Wise Grandma Who Uses Words With Care

We grandmas know words matter and words have power. While research clearly shows this to be true, we know it is true from our own experience and from watching our children and grandchildren. This is why it is essential for us to be wise grandmas who use words on purpose - words which encourage, build up and praise the effort our grandchildren put into whatever they are doing.

The Happier They Will Be

While we know being happy is not the most important thing in the world, we do, of course, want our grandchildren to experience happiness. People around the world for generations have searched for happiness - many have been willing to pay anything they have to be happy. Some have found a happiness with family, friends, possessions, but this happiness is often fleeting. 

True and lasting happiness is found in God. As George Muller said, the more we know God, the closer we walk with Him, the deeper, fuller and more lasting will be the happiness we know as well. This is the truth.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Trust God to Draw the Ones We Love to Him

Fall is nearly upon us - at least the trees in my yard are starting to show their Fall colors. Fall is a time when we are able to see God's amazing creation in it's colorful glory . . . at least here where I live as the trees are ablaze with color! Isn't it comforting to know the God Who created everything loves our grandchildren (and adult children, too) - even more than do we and He wants them to love Him even more than you and I? 

This is why Jesus came to Earth - to show God's amazing love and to draw us to Him. There was no other reason - He loves us! He loves those we love! God loves us!

Consider making John 3:16 and 12:32 a simple prayer for those you love . . . 

Believe the Truth of God's Word

For the past couple years I've been working on a new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith. In this book I look at how we are able to develop, live and reproduce a healthy Spiritual DNA. If we are serious about developing and living a strong life of faith where we reproduce a healthy Spiritual DNA in the generations who come behind us, we must believe and hold tightly to the truth of God's Word. It is far too easy, and happens far too often, for us to believe things which are not true, as I wrote about a few days ago.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tell the "Whys" - God Makes Sense

I love the Okapi - it is one of the most unique animals God created. It looks from the backside like a strange Zebra, but is actually more closely related to the Giraffe. It does have a long neck and a prehensile tongue, like the Giraffe, but it is a totally unique creature all its own.

The Okapi is only found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; it lives deep in the rain forest and is so shy, we didn't even know for sure it was a real creature until 1901. Okapi do not live in herds, they are solitary creatures and are considered extremely tasty by their neighbors - the leopard and people from the DRC. 

So, how do we still have any Okapi in the world today? One big reason is they do something extremely unique - they communicate with infrasonic calls . . . leopards and people are not able to hear these beautiful animals communicate, so the mama Okapi are able to "talk" to their babies in safety.

So They Will Know

Three years ago I learned some interesting and wonderful things about my great-grandpa Badgerow. He was orphaned the day before his 11th birthday, raised by his sisters, finished the 8th grade and became a small business man - he owned and ran a grocery store/gas station. When the banks were seized by the state of Michigan and ended up taking half of depositor's money in the '30's, he could have lost heart and quit in despair, but he didn't. He extended credit to families and let them get food from his store when they didn't have the money to pay for the food. Years later when he died (at 96 years old) a man came to his funeral and said my great grandpa saved his family's lives by giving them food when they needed it. I am proud Charles Wesley Badgerow was my great-grandpa. He set an example of compassion, courage and generosity which I want to, and will, follow. 

(Another thing I did not know until three years ago, was how God saved my grandparents and great-grandpa from a tornado. I wrote about it at this link.)

Why am I sharing these accounts with you? Because I am 58 years old and did not know these things about my great-grandpa and grandparents until three years ago. They are powerful parts of my family's history, but I did not know them. My great-grandpa had a difficult, challenging life; he could have felt sorry for himself. He could have quit. He could have held tightly to what he did have and made the choice to not share with others. He could have decided since he had to work hard to have what he had, others could do the same or go hungry. He could have become very angry and bitter. But no. He had a tender heart. He treated others with compassion. He showed courage. He was truly generous. I remember him as a kind, gentle man. He left an example for me, my siblings, cousins and for me to share with my daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. 

God Will, "Set You A-Praying"

Don't you just love this saying from Matthew Henry! If you are a prayer warrior who has been praying for years, you have likely experienced this in your own life and have examples of how God has answered your prayers as part of your "Prayer History" which you are able to share with your grandchildren. If prayer is something you struggle with, then try the following to become a prayer warrior and build your own "Prayer History" . . . 
  • Get a journal and begin keeping a record of the things you are praying about and the ways God answers.
  • Join a prayer group at your church. Being able to listen to people who are prayer warriors as they pray is a wonderful way to help you learn to be a prayer warrior, too.
  • Pray Scripture - it is one of the best ways to pray according to God's will - you ARE praying God's Word after all - and it is a great way to help you learn to pray for your children, grandchildren, other family and friends.
To help you learn to pray Scripture, or if you are someone who knows how to do this, try this passage . . . 

Monday, September 16, 2019

God Knows What We Do Not

When we hand down the faith to our grandchildren, we are purposeful about telling them the things God has done for us throughout our lives. But, we also have to tell them about the times when God did not answer a prayer the way we hoped and about the times when we had no idea what He was doing - or not doing. 

God always answers our prayers - sometimes with a yes, sometimes with a no and sometimes with silence - times where it may take years to see how He answered. It is during these times when people may drift away from God and get the false idea God is not listening to them. We know God has promised to always hear and answer our prayers - look at these verses in 1 John 5 . . .

Grandparent from the Grave

Don't you just love this quote from Tim and Darcy Kimmel! Our words and actions need to be used to give security, significance and strength to our grandchildren. 

We know we have fewer days before us than we have behind, so it matters for us to be wise and use the days we are gifted which remain to impact our grandchildren with the truth, so they are able to remember what we said and did and this allows us to "grandparent from the grave". 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

This is Handing Down the Faith

This quote from Joni got my attention today - "What good is it if we only trust the Lord when we understand His ways? That only guarantees a life filled with doubts." Since we know God's ways are higher than our ways, it is inevitable there will be times - likely many, many times - when we do not understand what He is, or as the case may be, is not doing. While we may have times in our lives where we are able to see the "whys" there will be other times when we will not see the answer on this earth.

Believe the Truth - Talk to Him

This quote from Joyce Meyer is true - if you care about, or are concerned about something, God cares about it, so you are able to talk with Him about whatever it is. Whether it is something about someone you love or something you are concerned about for yourself; God cares. This is the truth.

It is far, far too easy for us to be sidetracked by things which are not true; after all, Satan is the father of lies, so lying is something which he is very accomplished at doing. He lies to you a lot. For example . . . 

Prayer for Wisdom

Heavenly Father,
We pray our grandchildren seek wisdom. Let them revere, respect and be in awe of You, for “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10).
We pray they listen to sound advice and accept godly instruction. Let them be attentive to their father’s instruction and heed their mother’s teaching (Proverbs 1:8, paraphrased).

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Make the Most of Your Second Chance & Another Opportunity

Yesterday my grandsons were at my house. When their poppa arrived home from work, they said; "Hello father who is grand!" Then talked about how he is a "grand" father!

They are right! Their poppa is grand for sure!

I love this saying - "A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance" - it is true for grandpas, too. Yes, we get a second chance to do things better, to do things in ways which are more effective, to do things we did not know to do the first time when we were parents. We still have much to offer and often we are able to do a better job in this "second chance" which we have been given.

And, we are also given a second chance - or perhaps better stated as, another opportunity to do the things we did right the first time to impact another generation. 

Know Your Grandchildren & Connect With Them

Look at the first four verses of Psalm 139 -
O Lord, You have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; You discern my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.
God most certainly knows us and everything about us. Look what Psalms 139:16-18 goes on to say . . . 
Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake, and I am still with you. 
God knows everything about us and He continues to think about us, and enjoy doing so. He continues to choose to be with us. He continues to love us.

This is what it looks like to know and love someone like God knows and loves us. While we are not able to know and love someone the way God does, we are able to make the choice to know our grandchildren and love them with our all. We are able to . . . 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Don't Stop Telling Them

How has God worked in your life? In what ways has He answered your prayers? When have you experienced, or gone through a difficult time and were able to know God was with you all the way? What has your own walk with God looked like?

These are important, even essential things for you to share with, tell and teach your grandchildren. They need to hear and know the accounts of how God has shown Himself to be real in your life. They need to hear and know the accounts of how and why you made the choice to walk with God. If you do not tell them, how will they know these things?

Pray They Will Remember & Believe

The new school year has arrived and most of our grandchildren have at least a couple weeks of school behind them. As you continue to pray for them, consider making the following part of your daily prayers . . .

Long-Distance Grandparenting

One of the things we want to do for you is to let you know about resources which are available to help you as you strive to hand down the faith on purpose. If your grandchildren live far from you, this is more challenging, so today I'm very happy to let you know about a new book from Wayne Rice - Long-Distance Grandparenting.

If you served in Youth Ministry, you may be familiar with Wayne Rice's work as he is the co-founder of Youth Specialties. When it comes to nurturing and developing faith in children Wayne knows what he is talking about. As the grandpa to five who do not live near, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to nurturing the faith of your grandchildren when you are not able to be there in person.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pray For Them to Be & Have Friends Who Walk With God

My grandsons have started the new school year in new schools. They are moving to a new house which means a new school. While I have always prayed for them to love God with their all and have friends who do the same, since they are pretty much making new friends, this is a prayer which has "moved to the top of my list" for them.

They Will Remember

I am blessed to have my grandsons at my house for a sleepover at least once a week (either Friday or Saturday night, depending on the week.) Last weekend I was joking with my youngest grandson and told him loving grandsons was in the, "Grandma's Rule Book". He looked very serious and asked me what the second rule was in the, "Grandma's Rule Book". I asked him what he thought the second rule should be and without hesitating, he said, with a very big smile on his face; "A Grandma Should ALWAYS Have Candy in Her House!" He fills my heart with joy!

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