Monday, September 2, 2019

Be Generous with Your Genuine, Positive Opinions

Have you noticed when you tell your grandchildren how they are kind, helpful, gentle, patient, obedient, loving, etc., they tend to be more kind, more helpful, more gentle, more patient, more obedient, more loving, etc.? This is because, just as Josh McDowell said, "Your grandchildren will rise to the level of your opinion of them."

Those of you who are teachers know this to be true. The more you compliment positive behavior in your students, the more they will be motivated to repeat said positive behavior. This "positive reinforcement" is something which works - and has for generations upon generations.

So, knowing this to be demonstratively true, and because we love our grandchildren with all of our heart, why wouldn't we share our positive opinions of our grandchildren with them, so they are able to live up to these positive opinions of them which we have. The one caution I have is to be sure what you are sharing as a positive opinion about them, is true, so your praise is able to be genuine.

Be generous with your genuine positive praise for your grandchildren. It does make a significant difference in their lives.

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