Thursday, September 19, 2019

Be a Wise Grandma Who Uses Words With Care

We grandmas know words matter and words have power. While research clearly shows this to be true, we know it is true from our own experience and from watching our children and grandchildren. This is why it is essential for us to be wise grandmas who use words on purpose - words which encourage, build up and praise the effort our grandchildren put into whatever they are doing.

One of our Grandmas with Heart is Linda Ranson Jacobs and she wrote about this very topic - you will find it at this link. Please take time to read it and take it to heart. What Linda wrote applies to children who have experienced the trauma of the divorce of their parents as well as the trauma of their parents nearly divorcing and any other type of trauma. If our grandchildren are so blessed as to not have experienced trauma in their lives, it still matters for us to be grandmas who use words with wisdom and who praise their effort; but it is ever so much more essential for us to be careful about the words we use if our grandchildren have experienced trauma.

And, it is not only okay, it is essential for us to require others to use their words with care when they interact with our grandchildren in our home; if we are the ones who take them to church we need to require this of those who serve in the Children's/Youth Ministry areas as well. We need to stand up for our grandchildren - as Linda said in her article, we tell them the truth, but we do not allow people to use words which will damage or hurt them. 

We certainly want our grandchildren to be resilient and to learn to cope with whatever challenges life brings their way, and it will, but we need to do all we are able to insure the words they hear will impact them in as positive a way as possible. Let's use our words with wisdom and make our homes a safe place for all - especially our grandchildren.

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