Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Choose What Matters Forever

Do you have a big, "to-do list"? Are your days determined by all the things you need to complete? Or, are you able to look at your day and direct your time to the things which actually matter. The things which make a difference for forever?

Now, clearly, if you are still working - as many grandparents are - you do have things you need to do. But after work, do you run from one thing you need to do to the next - or just collapse from being so tired?

I love this quote from Gary Chapman - "Don't be a victim of the urgent. In the long run, much of what seems so pressing right now, won't even matter. What you do with your children (or grandchildren) will matter forever." We need wisdom to know what matters, and what does not. We need vision to focus our time, effort, energies, resources on those things which will matter forever - and most certainly upon and the ones who matter forever.

Take time each day and ask God for the wisdom and vision you need to discern between the pressing and the things which matter and put your focus there. When the children you love grow up knowing they were the ones who mattered to you - not just by the words you said, but by the time you spent with them - they will have received an incredible gift - the gift of having modeled to them what it looks like to choose the ones who matter forever over the things which are pressing, but do not even matter.

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