Friday, September 6, 2019

He is There & He is Working

The first time you held your own child you knew you would love them forever. As you watched them grow up, your love for them continued to grow. Of course you wanted them to be people who believed in, loved and followed Jesus, so you taught them about Him, modeled what it looked like to live life walking with Him and took them to church where other believers were able to encourage you as you handed down the faith and come alongside you to encourage and equip you to hand down the faith and to be additional voices who taught your child the things you taught them about Jesus.

The first time you held your grandchild, once again you knew you were going to love them forever, too. Now, as grandma (or grandpa) you are committed to hand down the faith to them, because with all your heart you want them to believe in, love and follow Jesus. But then you likely discovered something. Unlike when you were a parent and were able to see how your church was there for you as a parent, sadly most churches are not there for you as a grandparent. Most churches do not see the need to come alongside grandparents and encourage and equip them to hand down the faith.

If you have a church who is there for you as a grandparent, be thankful. Sadly, this is not the norm. If you do not have a church who is there for you as a grandparent, know this - God is there for you and He cares more than any church - and even more than do you - for your grandchildren to grow to believe in, love and walk with Him. Don't give up on trying to help your church see and understand the need for them to be there for grandparents, but turn to God for the support you need.

If you are feeling alone today, tell yourself the truth - you are not really alone. God is there and He is with you. He loves the ones you love. He is working in their lives - sometimes in ways you are able to see and other times in ways you are not able to see, but He is working nonetheless. 

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