Friday, September 20, 2019

Leave the Most Powerful & Valuable Legacy for the Ones You Love

My best friend in high school was Teresa Moore. She took her faith and walk with God seriously and was determined to be a missionary. In college she met Tim Holmgren, they were married and served for 24 years in Papua New Guinea and then 12 more years at the New Tribes office in Florida. My friend was a woman of prayer, so when I started writing my new book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, I knew I wanted to ask Teresa to share part of her Faith History for the first chapter. Teresa graciously honored me by doing so and one of the things she shared is this saying;
There have been many times when we specifically prayed for something and have been able to see those prayers answered very specifically. There have been other times when God has chosen not to answer our prayers as we would like and has led us down a different path than we would have chosen to walk. In all this it has taught us of His sovereignty, His goodness and His love.
My friend handed down the faith to her children and with great joy and delight began to do the same with her sweet grandchildren. She recently lost her battle with cancer, which makes her saying so much more powerful. Along with all the things she modeled and taught her children throughout her life, this message is one which is able to powerfully impact them as it shows their mom's/grandma's trust in and love for God which was real. Teresa went to God in prayer fully expecting Him to answer, but completely willing to accept whatever His answer may be. She told me after she became a believer, she realized she wanted God to be the, "guiding force" in her life. She said her "bottom line" was her relationship with God; it was the "driving force" for her desire to pray.

My friend taught this by word and action - by her life. This is what we need to do as well. It is all too easy for us, and for the ones we love to look at prayer as a list of wants and think it is the purpose for prayer. Certainly God wants us to bring our needs to Him - He says we have not because we ask not (James 4:2). But, prayer is more than this. It is what we do because we have this relationship with God which Teresa talked about.

When I think about Teresa and the legacy she left her children and grandchildren I think about her, "bottom line" and how prayer was part of who she was and how she lived. She left a most powerful and completely valuable legacy for the ones she loved. I want to do the same. You are able to do this as well. Just imagine the gift you will leave the ones you love when they are able to look at how you lived and know your relationship with God was real, know you were willing to accept however God answered your prayers and you showed them what it looked like to live life trusting and firmly believing in God's sovereignty, His goodness and His love. This is THE best thing you will ever leave the ones you love.

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