Saturday, September 14, 2019

Make the Most of Your Second Chance & Another Opportunity

Yesterday my grandsons were at my house. When their poppa arrived home from work, they said; "Hello father who is grand!" Then talked about how he is a "grand" father!

They are right! Their poppa is grand for sure!

I love this saying - "A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance" - it is true for grandpas, too. Yes, we get a second chance to do things better, to do things in ways which are more effective, to do things we did not know to do the first time when we were parents. We still have much to offer and often we are able to do a better job in this "second chance" which we have been given.

And, we are also given a second chance - or perhaps better stated as, another opportunity to do the things we did right the first time to impact another generation. 

We absolutely will impact another generation by the things we do, or do not do. We are able to impact them to follow Jesus whether it is through a second chance, an another opportunity or a bit of both. Make the most of your second chance and another opportunity!

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