Saturday, September 7, 2019

Prayer Isn't About Us; It is About Jesus

Sherry Schumann is one of our Grandmas with Heart, she writes the blog - Sitting by the Well (definitely check it out) and she is also the National Prayer Co-director for the Christian Grandparenting Network. Sherry is one of the most godly women I am blessed to know and she has so much to teach about prayer, because she is someone who truly is serious about prayer.

I love this quote from Sherry; "Prayer isn't about us; it is about Him. Prayer changes us by drawing us into a closer relationship with Him."
Whether the ones we love are walking with God; or not. Whether the ones we love are physically healthy and safe; or not. Whether the ones we love are experiencing blessing; or not. No matter what is going on in their lives, we need to be serious about praying for them, because without Jesus, we are able to do nothing. We need Him for our own lives and for the lives of the ones we love.

If you are a grandparent (or parent) who has been changed by prayer and has a closer relationship with Jesus - continue what you are doing. If you struggle with prayer - commit to pray and allow it to change you by drawing you into a closer relationship with Jesus.

Then, take the ones you love to Jesus in prayer. Allow Him to do what He is able to do - which is anything and everything as nothing is too hard for Him! 

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