Friday, September 27, 2019

So They Will Know to Hand it On

While I do not want to go back in time to the "good old days" to a "simpler" time (was there ever really such a time???), I do believe life today has fewer of the influences which were there when I was younger. When I was a child pretty much every family on my street went to church - not necessarily the same church, but they mostly all went to church and had a faith perspective which we do not necessarily see today. When I was a child pretty much every one of my teachers in the public school were Christians - not all, but most of them certainly were. When I was a child pretty much every show we watched on TV showed families who had a grounding in the Bible - they prayed at meals, went to church, read and held up as true the Bible - or at least treated the Bible, God and church with respect. Certainly not all, but most.

It was a different time.

But, I firmly believe God placed me - and the ones I love - in the time in which we are now living and He did so for a reason. I do not want to, "go back", I want to live with faithfulness and integrity in the time in which He has placed me. I want to be faithful to hand down the faith, so the ones I love are able to understand what it means to live life today choosing to love, know and walk with God. I want them to be able to have a strong, "Spiritual DNA" of their own - one I hand to them and which they are able to take and hand to future generations.

Wishing for the past is a waste of time and it will stop me from focusing upon the time in which God in His infinite wisdom, has placed me. I am here, today, in 2019 and God has a job for me to do, today. The ones I love are living today, in 2019 and God wants me to build a strong "Spiritual DNA" which I am faithful to hand down to those who come behind me, so they will have a strong "Spiritual DNA" and they will know to hand it on.

So, focus upon today. Make it a priority to build a strong walk with God. Be sure you develop a healthy "Spiritual DNA". Equip yourself to hand down the faith, so the ones who come behind you will know to hand it on.

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