Friday, September 20, 2019

The Best Part of Growing Older

It dawned on me this morning, we are less than three and a half months from the end of 2019 and the start of a new year. Truly time does pass quickly and, like it or not, we are growing older; but there are many blessings which come with growing older and certainly one of them is the blessing of knowing and handing faith to our grandchildren. While we absolutely need to be focused and purposeful about praying and handing down the faith, we also need to be sure we take time to watch for how God answers our prayers and how our grandchildren are "taking" the faith and are learning to grow in their own walk with God. It matters for us to see what God is doing.

While I personally have a few "big" prayers which are part of my everyday prayers and which I would love to see God answer - ASAP, there are also several other "big" prayers which I have been blessed to watch God answer in the past month or so. I love being able to share with my grandsons how God is answering our prayers - when I did this recently, my youngest grandsons said; "Now I for sure know God is real!

I want to help my grandsons learn to be people who talk with God and who learn to watch for how He answers. For example, my church has a prayer garden and my three grandsons like to spend time in there before their classes on Sundays and Wednesdays. My grandsons are eleven, eight and six and all three of them have truly amazed me by how they are able to go into the prayer garden, calmly choose a place to sit and spend time talking with God! Outside the prayer garden my three grandsons do not tend to be "calm"; they are more often accurately described as, rambunctious, but in the prayer garden, they are calm!

While there are many things about handing faith to my grandsons which fill me with joy, watching them talk with God in the prayer garden is one which fills my heart with joy. When I hear my grandsons talk about their faith in God, how they know He is real, they believe the Bible is true and then they spend time in the prayer garden talking with God, I am able to see how He is answering my prayers and see the many blessings God has given to me. When I see my grandsons grow in their own walk with God, I am encouraged to continue to hand down the faith and to watch for how God answers my prayers and fills my life with blessings.

Take time today to watch for how God is answering your prayers and for the ways those you love are growing in their own walk with God. Now it is possible you have at least one of your children and/or grandchildren who are not yet walking with God, but take hope! The old saying; "God is not finished with me yet" is true for those you love. Remember; God loves those you love and He loves them even more than do you. He is not finished with them yet!

Look for how God is blessing you and rejoice in those blessings! Then continue to trust Him for the ones you love who are not yet walking with God - just think how sweet the day will be when they do!

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