Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Greatest Lessons are Learned from Children

As grandmas who are purposeful when it comes to handing down the faith, our grandchildren are learning, and will continue to learn, a lot from us. They learn about God, His love, trusting Him, talking with Him, showing His love to others, what it looks like to live our faith, how His Word is absolutely trustworthy and so much more. We are committed to handing down the faith and this means our grandchildren will learn a lot from us.

But, this learning is not a "one-way street". Not at all! As our grandchildren learn from us, we are so blessed to learn about "life, love, purpose, meaning and priority" from them as well. If we handed faith to our own children, with our grandchildren we learn all over again what it means to experience the joy which comes from handing faith to the children we love. If we did not hand faith to our own children, we are able to learn for the first time about the amazing joy which comes from doing this with our grandchildren.

Oh yes! Our grandchildren learn, and will continue to learn, so much from us, but we are blessed to learn much from them as well. Learn . . . and enjoy doing so!

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