Thursday, September 12, 2019

They Will Remember

I am blessed to have my grandsons at my house for a sleepover at least once a week (either Friday or Saturday night, depending on the week.) Last weekend I was joking with my youngest grandson and told him loving grandsons was in the, "Grandma's Rule Book". He looked very serious and asked me what the second rule was in the, "Grandma's Rule Book". I asked him what he thought the second rule should be and without hesitating, he said, with a very big smile on his face; "A Grandma Should ALWAYS Have Candy in Her House!" He fills my heart with joy!

The interactions we have with our grandchildren, whether they are about the, "Grandma's Rule Book" or something more serious, leave lasting impressions on our grandchildren. My grandsons will have memories of growing up and spending time at their Poppa's and my house where we laughed, played games (they always beat me at Chess) read books (of course we sing the book, Do Your Ears Hang Low) and enjoyed each other's company. 

They will remember the important things we did as well . . . we talked about God and the amazing world He created, completed science projects together to help us remember important things about God, read the Bible, shared the things for which we are thankful, prayed and learned about how to love and walk with God. 

These are all things I want them to remember and when we do these things, we grandmas (and poppas, too) are making the world a little softer, kinder, warmer, we are filling it with love and they will remember.

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