Saturday, October 26, 2019

Become Truly Fulfilled

There is so much truth in this quote from Charles Stanley. I know the more I am there for my grown children and grandchildren the more joy and fulfillment I experience. I absolutely love my grown children and grandchildren and being able to help them, spend time with them and point them to God are the best and most fulfilling things I will ever do.

Far too often we hear how our "retirement" years are "ours" - time for us to do what we want, travel, play golf, spend time with friends, move somewhere warm (if you live in the cold), etc. And while you certainly may do these things, don't let doing them distract you from what matters the most. After all, what will having traveled, or what will "marking things off on your bucket list" matter at all if the ones you love do not make the choice to love, know and walk with God? 

Our retirement years are the perfect time to invest in the ones we love. Our retirement years are the perfect time for us to build our relationships even stronger - I say even stronger, because in the years leading up to the time we retire we absolutely need to be investing time in our grown children and grandchildren, so we have strong relationships with them. Especially since most of us become grandparents for the first time around the age of 48 - potentially almost 20 years before we retire. And, a big bonus for investing in your grandchildren and grown children is when they become grandparents, they will know what to do to hand down the faith, because they experienced watching you as you handed down the faith to them.

Whether you are retired, or not, do what matters the most and hand down the faith - it will result in you and the ones you love being the most fulfilled and living with joy.

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