Saturday, October 19, 2019

Choose Faith and Trust God

I have been watching the weather reports as tropical storm Nestor moves on shore in Florida and then on towards the Carolinas. If you, or people you love, are in the path of this storm, experiencing the storm, tornadoes and/or storm surge you are in my prayers. 

I find this quote from Jill Briscoe to be very encouraging, because it is true. We are able to trust God to enable us to walk through the storms we face - whether they are tropical storms, any other type of weather related storm or "storms" without wind and rain which have the potential to damage to the lives of people we love.

Sometimes these "storms" without wind and rain come as difficult times in our lives - perhaps we face difficult job situations, or health "storms", or someone we love is experiencing a challenging time in their life. Sometimes these "storms" are the ones which come as we watch our grown children or grandchildren turn away from the faith to which they once held. All "storms". All times where we need to know we are not alone - no matter what it feels like and make the choice to have faith and trust God to walk with us through whatever lies before us; He will never leave us alone.

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