Sunday, October 27, 2019

Choose our Influencers, Trust & Believe the Truth

In my new book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, I looked at several people from the Bible and what we are able to learn from them; including Elisha and how he lived as someone with a strong Spiritual DNA. One of the ways he did this was by being careful about who he allowed to influence him. I wrote; "It matters who we allow to influence us. Elisha chose to be influenced by Elijah and in making this wise choice, his beliefs, actions and experiences were shaped by someone who loved, knew and followed God. This is extremely important for us; and for our grandchildren."

Who do we allow to influence us? Who are our friends - are they people who love and walk with God? People who are focused upon handing down the faith? What books do we read? What music do we listen to? What shows do we watch? Who do we allow to influence us? If we want our children and grandchildren to be influenced by people who encourage them in their walk with God, we need to be people who influence them by modeling this to them.

Elisha was influenced by Elijah. He watched Elijah pray and as God answered. He saw Elijah stand up for God against the prophets of Baal. He saw God send fire from Heaven. He watched as a chariot of fire carried Elijah to Heaven. He was influenced by a person who made the choice to follow God - no matter what the things going on around him looked like.

Elisha was able to go on to be a man of prayer. He made the choice to trust God and believe the truth rather than what things around him looked like. For example when his servant saw they were surrounded by the army of the King of Aram, instead of relying upon how he felt or panicking he chose to trust God and believe the truth - there were more of them than there were of the king's army. Read 2 Kings 6 to get the full account of this amazing event. 

We need to be like Elisha and choose to be influenced by people who walk with and trust God and believe the truth, not how we feel in any given situation.
" . . . If we rely upon our feelings, we will find we are deceived by Satan and will not be able to walk closely with God. But, when we instead choose to trust God and believe the truth of His Word, we will be able to stand firmly, no matter what we face in our lifetime."
When we are influenced by people who walk with God and then stand firmly on trusting God and believing the truth, we will leave a strong example for the ones we love to help them be influenced by us to do the same.

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