Monday, October 21, 2019

Let the Children Come

Handing down the faith and building a strong Spiritual DNA for the generations who follow you are things you do on purpose. They are also things you do in those unexpected moments which come your way from time to time. As I've written about, the past couple months have brought my family opportunity to see first hand and up close how God answers prayer in regards to the school my oldest grandson would attend this Fall, a new house for my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons and in the day-in-day-out "simple" prayer requests for good days at school.

My church has a prayer garden (since we live where no one would want to visit a "garden" for a good portion of the year, due to the cold weather, part of the garden is inside and part is outside.) My grandsons like to stop by the prayer garden before heading to their Wednesday night classes and sometimes on Sundays as well. This past week we stopped before heading to their Wednesday night classes and I had to take this picture of one of my grandsons. After he spent time in prayer, he came to me and told me he prayed and asked Jesus to help him have a good day at school the next day (which he did!)

It makes my heart so happy to see my grandsons are watching and listening as I tell them how God answers my prayers for them and their family; so much so, they want to take time to talk with Jesus themselves! Jesus told us to let the children come to Him; He never sent children away from Him when He walked this Earth and He will not send your loved grandchildren away today. When we tell them how God answers prayer, show how He is real and He listens to us then give them time to talk with Him, we are absolutely making use of the big ways for us to let the children come to Him.

Whether your church has a prayer garden, or not, share with your grandchildren the ways God answers your prayers and make time for them to pray before going to their classes at church - in your car, in a quiet place on the lawn of your church (weather permitting), in a quiet room at church or in your house before you leave. Give them the opportunity to talk to God for themselves; this is something which will impact them and generations to come.

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