Thursday, October 24, 2019

Love With Your All

This quote from Elisabeth Elliot is true - "Love attracts, it does not coerce." When we as grandparents show an unconditional, unlimited, unreserved love which is true, equal and generous, (as I wrote about yesterday), we will draw our grandchildren to us. When we draw our grandchildren to us, we give ourselves a "platform" from which we are able to speak into the lives of our grandchildren and know they will listen to us. It isn't enough for them to just "hear" what we say; we want them to "listen", so they will take what we say to heart and it will impact the way they live.

If we are able to build this type of "platform" with our grandchildren, we will find we are much more able to hand down the faith, because as we show them our love, we will be able to point them to the One Who loves them even more unconditionally, unlimited and unreserved.

So, as Elisabeth said, we grandparents must show this  unconditional, unlimited, unreserved love we have for God by the way we love each other and our children and grandchildren. When they see our love for the people in our lives is real, they will be able to learn to love others and most importantly, God, for themselves.

So, love God with your all and as I said yesterday, love your grandchildren and the others in your life with your all as well and know in so doing you are handing down the faith as you help them learn to love God and others with their all.

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