Thursday, October 31, 2019

Our Impact & Influence for Generations

Take time today to read again and think through this quote from Wayne Rice - "The Bible makes quite clear there is a strong connection between the decisions we make today and outcomes which impact many generations who follow us."

What we say and do does matter today - and for generations to come, so let's make sure we put first what is most important - our walk with God. It is impossible to hand down something we do not have, so us having a strong walk with God is essential. Model what it looks like to live life walking with God.

Then, put second what needs to come next - handing down the faith. What we do impacts our own children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren and generations to come, so make the heritage we hand down one which draws them to God. I do not want even one person from the generations who follow me, to be lost. Not even one. 

So, I will focus upon having a walk with God with is real. I will be intentional about handing down the faith. I will trust God to do what I am not able to do - I will trust Him to draw the ones who come behind me to Him.

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