Sunday, October 13, 2019

Take Heart in God's Promises

If you - or someone you know and love - have grown children and/or grandchildren who once claimed faith in Jesus, who once walked with Him, who once looked forward to opportunities to go to church and fellowship with other believers, but now no longer do, take a minute to read this verse and think about what God is promising you, me and to all of us in these words.

These verses - and the ones before them - are telling about God's promise to His people for when they return from captivity. But, they also apply to us today. When the day comes and eternity begins and we look around us at all the people in Heaven, God says we will see our children, who are the work of His hands, among the ones who are there celebrating and worshiping God. When this happens, we will stand in awe, we will worship God's Holy Name as those who once were wayward or complained are now among us and now understand, accept instruction from God and follow Him!

Remember, as much as you and I love family members who once believed and followed God, but now do not, God loves them even more. He sent Jesus to draw ALL people to Him; the ones who are walking with Him are drawn into a closer walk with Him, the ones who do not yet know Him are drawn to Him and the ones who once walked with Him are drawn back to Him. This is God's job and His promise - and very importantly, His heart's desire for the ones HE loves.

So, if your heart breaks for someone you love who once walked with God, take heart, take joy in God's promises and trust Him to do as He has promised.

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