Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Truth About Prayer

I have very specific things I pray about throughout each day for the people I love. These prayers are on my heart and mind nearly all the time, so I depend upon the truth in these quotes by Josh McDowell and from a favorite one by Charles Spurgeon . . . 
If there be anything I know, anything I am quite assured of beyond all question, it is how praying breath is NEVER spent in vain.
Doesn't it absolutely encourage you to know when we pray God knows our heart and the time we spend praying is NEVER time spent in vain. NEVER!

I know God hears, listens to and answers my prayers. I am "assured of this beyond all question" and this assurance gives me hope and God's perfect peace.

So today, if you have concerns and cares for the ones you love which fill your heart and mind, rest assured. God knows your heart and the time you spend praying is NEVER time spent in vain. NEVER!

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