Thursday, October 17, 2019

There Absolutely Are Reasons & Reasons

Yes, you and I are the "older travelers" to whom Amy Carmichael referred in her quote . . . whether we want to think of ourselves as "older" . . . or not! It truly has been a number of years since we started on our journeys through life and we have been able to see, experience and learn a lot which helps us know with confidence God has led us, "over hill and dale" and He did not give us a spirit of fear. He has always been beside us, each step of our way and as we look at those behind us, who are just starting on this journey of their own, we are able to assure them, with complete confidence, "there are reasons and reasons for hope and for happiness and never one for fear."

Is this the message we are giving to those behind us? Or, do we look at the world around us and communicate a message of gloom, doom and fear for the future and what it holds? We need to be very careful of the messages we give - especially when we are not particularly thinking about giving a message to those behind us; such as when we watch the evening news.

Our hope and security is NOT, absolutely is NOT in this world or the people who are supposed to be leading it. Our hope and security is in God and in Him alone. He is in control. He has a plan and purpose. He is our Leader and with Him as our Leader, we know for sure, "there are reasons and reasons for hope and for happiness and never one for fear."

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