Saturday, October 12, 2019

Tools for Your "Job"

Aren't you glad to know your "job" is not to draw the ones you love to God, but it is to be faithful to hand down the faith! To help you with your "job", we Grandmas with Heart post to this blog at least twice a day. This information is here to encourage, challenge, equip and empower you as grandmas - and grandpas and parents, too - to hand down the faith . . . to do your "job"!

From time to time we will let you know about resources which are available to help you as you hand down the faith. We firmly believe grandmas have much to offer other grandmas - and grandpas and parents, too. It is for this reason, over the coming weeks and months leading up to Christmas, we will highlight a number of excellent resources - most of which are written/developed/created by grandmas and are excellent "tools" you are able to use as you hand down the faith and/or to give as gifts to the ones you love.

With the right "tools" you will find it is far easier to hand down the faith and the books/resources we will be sharing/recommending are just such tools. 

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