Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Trust God Completely

Since we know for certain God loves the ones we love; the children and grandchildren He gave to us, we are absolutely able to trust God completely with their lives. God wants them to experience the blessings He has in store for them. God wants them to know the joy of walking with Him. God wants them to live their lives with the peace which comes from trusting Him. Since all of this, and much more, is true, we are most certainly able to trust God with the ones we love.

So, when we pray for them, remember to put them in God's hands and trust Him to answer your prayers in the best way, in the best time. When we want to share something from God's Word with them - especially if they are not currently walking with God, remember to trust Him to make clear what you should say - or not say - and when you should say it. When they go through a challenging and/or difficult time, remember to put them in God's hands and trust Him to care, love them and work His best plan for them, whether you are able to see it at the time, or not.

Trust God completely with the lives of the ones you love; rest in knowing He loves them even more than do you and watch for what He does.

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