Sunday, October 27, 2019

We Cannot Love Too Much

I wrote several times this past week about loving our grandchildren with our all; unconditionally. We grandmas (grandpas and parents, too) need to know it is not only okay to do this, but it is one of the most important things for us to do for the children we love. (And this goes for our grown children as well.)

Growing up is often difficult. As our grandchildren grow up, if they are rock solid and confident in knowing their grandparents (parents) love them, no matter what, it will give them a firm foundation and the ability to face the world. Knowing they are loved gives them security, stability and a sense of value - and of course we absolutely want them to know these things. When we tell them as much as we love them - and our actions show it is a LOT - God loves them even more, our love will then serve to point them to God's love for them, which of course, we most certainly want them to know God loves them as they will be much more secure, stable and have a greater sense of value when they do. 

Take this truth to heart; when we love lavishly and unconditionally, our grandchildren will grow up more confident and, most importantly, will be drawn to God's love. They will see how He loves them - and us - with His all and unconditionally.

So, love your grandchildren with your all - you can not love too much. 

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