Friday, November 8, 2019

Christmas Gifts Which Make a Difference - illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero - Jehoshaphat

I know I have already shared with you today a Christmas Gift Which Makes a Difference suggestion, but today I am also sharing with you a book which you could give to the children you love who enjoy drawing - or to your entire family for them to work on together! With illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero - Jehoshaphat you, and the children you love, will be able to learn all about Jehoshaphat and how he chose to talk with, love and follow God. They will also be able to think through and illustrate this true Bible event and in so doing, make this book their own in a unique and fun way!

If you have grandchildren/children who love to draw, this book will be a great gift for them as they will be able to illustrate it themselves. Combine with some colored pencils, crayons or markers and you will have a gift to engage them and help them learn how to talk with, know and walk with God as did Jehoshaphat. This is also a book you could get and then engage your family in talking about what was happening in the portion of the Bible event on each page and how to illustrate it - then illustrate it together! 

I wrote a whole series of Unknown Bible Hero books for my grandsons, because I thought far too often, books about Bible people were either inaccurate or just didn't focus upon the important things we are able to learn from these real people to help us know and walk with God. If you all like this book about Jehoshaphat, I will publish more in my Unknown Bible Hero series and in my Known Bible Hero series as well, so please let me know what you think.

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