Friday, November 22, 2019

Free Kindle Copy December 2-6, 2019 - Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children

Grandmas with Heart started because we wanted to provide a free resource with information, ideas and tools by grandmas (because we believe grandmas have much to offer), for grandmas (and grandpas and parents, too!) On this blog we post at least twice a day, every day. We are committed to providing solid, useful, information to help you hand down the faith to the generations who come behind you, because this is what matters.

This blog is free - you do not have to sign up for it. As often as possible, I offer free Kindle copies of the books I write, because I know there are many who just do not have the budget to spend on books. I truly want everyone to be able to get and use these resources. I am always happy to make one of my books available for free on Kindle; this one is the one I'm most happy about. Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children is unique. I know of no other book or resource which will do what this book will do - equip you to help the children you love (ages four -14) learn to talk with God by learning to pray the Psalms.

Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children will provide 52 weeks of prayers - simple prayers with simple illustrations for non-readers, prayers for children who are new readers and prayers for children who read well - and space to journal their own prayers, prayer requests and how God answers. Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children has the potential to help the children you love learn to be people who talk with God - just imagine the impact this year of praying through the Psalms will make on their lives - and your life as well! Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children is more than a book to give at Christmas (although it makes a great Christmas gift), it is a book to change their lives.

Please plan to get your free Kindle copy December 2-6, 2019, please tell the people you know, so they are able to do the same. (If you prefer the print copy, it is available at this link, but please place your order soon - it will take about ten days to receive it, unless you are willing to pay extra for speedier shipping. It will also be available on in just a few days.)

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