Wednesday, November 27, 2019

God is at Work in Our Lives in Big Ways, Too

In my book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith, I am blessed to be able to share the account of a friend from Egypt and how God opened the way for him and his family to come to the USA. It is a powerful account of how God works in big ways today.

Like me, you may hear accounts like my friend's and be amazed - there is much about which to be amazed in his account for sure - but look at your own life and wonder where God is. You may think God does not do big things in your life; or at least may not do big things very often.

But, please stop for a minute and think with me about our lives. If, like me, you are blessed to live here in the USA (or a country like the USA where you are free to live and worship God) where you have freedom to live, worship, a home, a job and a family, the truth is God has been working in your life in really huge ways! You and I could have been born any place in this world, yet God blessed us to be born here, to have freedom, a home, job and family. There are many people around the world who look at us and are amazed at the huge ways God has worked, and continues to work, in our lives. Oh yes! God does very big things for us every day.

As you go through the week before us, please take time to see the big and small ways God has been, and continues to be, at work in your life. Then share with your children and grandchildren and encourage them to watch for all God does for them as well.

God is at work in our lives in big ways, too!

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