Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Generations Quest - Free November 24-29, 2019

Next week, November 24-29, 2019 you will be able to receive a unique resource created, developed and written by me; Lynda Freeman. Generations Quest is a digital tool which will provide you with one year of resources, ideas, activities and Bible reading schedules for you to use to engage your family of all ages and in all locations in reading, talking about and learning to live God's Word together.

When I want to do something with my grandsons to hand down the faith, I typically end up writing/developing the resources I need to do so. I want to help my grandsons learn to be people who read and live God's Word, but they are children, so I needed a resource which would engage them with activity and provide small "nuggets" of Scripture for us to all read each day. I did not find anything which did what I wanted, so I wrote what I wanted.

I am absolutely convinced it is essential for us as grandparents/ parents to hand down the faith. For us to do this, we have to help the ones we love understand Who God is. This means we need to help them read and understand the Bible. God's Word and the reading/hearing of it is what brings faith. Generations Quest will help you with this.

Many children learn the most when they are engaged actively - my grandsons learn this way for sure, so Generations Quest provides activities for you to use with the ones you love - preschool through college/young adults whether they live near or far.

We also have to be intentional about sharing the "whys" - why we are able to believe God is real and trust His Word with confidence. Generations Quest will also help you with this.

My grandsons, their poppa and I will be using Generations Quest throughout 2020 - and I would like to invite you to do the same with the ones you love. So, I am making it free for you - you just need to email me ( and I will email it back to you November 24-29, 2019. 

I started Grandmas with Heart to be able to provide resources, ideas and tools which would equip grandmas (grandpas/parents, too) so you are able to hand down the faith. Each day I post at least twice - all free information and resources for you to use. It is also my desire to make available for free, as often as possible, resources I have written - I know not everyone has the budget to buy books and resources, but just because our budgets may not be there for these things, it doesn't mean they should be out of our reach. It is my delight to make Generations Quest available for you for free - and I invite you to use it in 2020 and let it help you hand down the faith.

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