Saturday, November 30, 2019

Our Holy Calling & Responsibility

Don't you just love the sound of and thinking about how we, as grandparents, have a "holy calling"? Having a "calling" is a wonderful thing, but as grandparents we have not just a "calling", we have a "holy calling"! A "holy calling" sounds wonderful, special, exciting and like something we all want to have.

Well, as grandparents, we all have a "holy calling" from God and it is the most wonderful, special and exciting calling possible, because God has entrusted us, called us, to hand down the faith to the generations who follow us. What could possibly be more wonderful, special or exciting? What could we possibly want more than to see every child, grandchild, great-grandchild until Jesus returns make the choice to believe in Him? Absolutely a "holy calling" for sure.

And, along with being a "holy calling", it is our responsibility as well. If we fail to take on this responsibility, the faith may not be handed down to the generations who follow us. We see this happening all around us. Yes, there are families where the grandparents and parents are faithful to take on their responsibility to hand down the faith and their children/grandchildren do not make the choice to believe, but it is not our responsibility to "make" them believe. It is our responsibility to hand down the faith - our "high calling" to let them know how very dearly God loves them. To let them know they are able to believe in God and trust His Word with confidence. To pray faithfully for them and then to trust God to draw them to Him.

Our responsibility, and "high calling" is to hand down the faith and when we do we are doing what matters the most.

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