Friday, November 22, 2019

Pray For & With The Ones You Love

This quote from Michael Youssef puts it pretty clear - "If we fail as adults in praying for and praying with the next generation, then they will become spiritually unsure." This quote really opened my eyes. I do not want my grandsons to become spiritually unsure. I want them to grow up to be young men, then adults who know, love and walk with God.

I'm sure these are the same things you want for the children you love; but these things will not, "just happen". If we as grandparents/ parents fail to be intentional in praying for/with the children we love, if we fail to read God's Word with them, if we fail to tell them the "whys" - why they are able to believe God is real and trust His Word with confidence, if we fail to do these things, then it is very possible they will grow up to be spiritually unsure - or worse, walk away from their faith.

Now, yes, we are able to do all these things and still have the children we love walk away from their faith; but if their faith is truly their faith, because they know how to talk with God, because they read God's Word and their faith is truly their own, then they are much more likely to continue to walk with God and hand it down to the generations behind them. When we engage with them intentionally, when we are focused and active in handing down the faith, praying for and with them and reading God's Word together, it will make a difference. God does promise His Word will not return to Him void/empty. He promises it will accomplish what He planned for it to accomplish, so reading it and praying it together with the ones we love is absolutely not a waste of our time. It is the best way we are able to spend our time!

(This is the motivation behind me writing Generations Quest -which you are able to get for free next week - November 24-29, 2019 and having my grandsons collaborate with me to write/illustrate Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children  -which you are able to get the Kindle version for free December 2-6, 2019. I wanted real tools to equip my grandsons to make their faith their own and we will be using both throughout 2020.)

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