Monday, November 18, 2019

Thanksgiving Tradition - Thankful Table Cloth

Thanksgiving is next week - do you have your menu planned? It is a wonderful time to sit down with family and think about all the things you have, the blessings God has given you over the previous year and express your thanks. 

Do you have family traditions you observe each Thanksgiving? Maybe specific family recipes you prepare just for Thanksgiving? My family has been adding to our, "Thanksgiving Table Cloth" for many years, so today I thought I'd share the idea with you, so you have time to prepare if you would like to start a "Thanksgiving Table Cloth" of your own. You will need . . .
  • A white cloth table cloth
  • Permanent ink markers
  • Wax paper or plastic 
Before you eat, hand out the markers and VERY important, put the wax paper or plastic under the space where each person is going to draw or write the thing for which they are thankful. If you do not add the wax paper or plastic, you will run the risk of the markers soaking through your table cloth and onto your table.

Ask each person to think of something - or several things for which they are thankful and then let them write and/or draw it on the table cloth. After everyone finishes, go around and give each person time to share. When my grandsons were little, we traced their hands and then let them "draw" (scribble) what they were thankful for and we added a word or two, so in future years we would know what the little ones "drew".

If you do not have a "Thankful Table Cloth", what tradition do you observe at Thanksgiving to help your family focus upon being thankful?

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