Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Ones You Love are Watching

According to Dictionary (dot) com the meaning of the word "legacy" is . . . 
"Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor."
 We will all hand down a "legacy" to the ones who come behind us, but we have to be intentional if it is going to be a legacy of character and faith. For us to hand down a legacy of character and faith, we have to first of all have a life which shows character and faith, because we are not able to hand down something which we do not already have.

This means we need to model by the way we live our lives what it means to live with character and faith. This afternoon my six year old grandson was talking with his poppa and he said; "You learn about life by looking at your poppa." 

He is right. The children we love will learn about life by looking at us. What do they learn when they look at us? Do they see people who love God with their all and who are committed to live life following Him faithfully? If so, we will be able to hand down the greatest legacy of all; a legacy of character and faith.

Commit to hand down what matters by living life now which shows character and faith - the ones you love are watching.

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