Saturday, November 16, 2019

You Are the Only You & God Has a Plan for Your Life

As we grow older, we often are unable to do things we once did. We may feel overwhelmed by the way there are likely fewer days before us than there are behind us and even feel a loss over things we wanted to do in our lifetime, but may not actually accomplish. These things may leave us wondering if we still have anything of value to offer to our family and the world around us.

Aging does often bring with it challenges and even difficulties, but regardless of what we are physically able to do, we are not an accident, we were not mass produced, we are deliberately planned, we are specifically gifted and lovingly positioned by God; the Master Craftsman.

This all means God's plan for our lives is His plan for our entire lives. He is the Master Craftsman and nothing in our lives is a surprise to Him; He doesn't need to change/adapt His plans simply because we are older. Take this to heart! You are deliberately planned - all of your life - and you are positioned by God to make a difference. You are the only you there is, or ever will be and you are a gift to your children, grandchildren and generations to follow as the way you hand down the faith will impact them all.

These things are true for the ones you love as well. God has deliberately planned and positioned them as well. Model this to them by the way you live all of your life in an intentional and purposeful way. Tell them how much they matter and how God knew what He was doing when He created them and He has good plans for their lives. Encourage them by the things you do and say to see their life as something of value, because they are created by the Master Craftsman to have a wonderful purpose.

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