Monday, December 23, 2019

Give Gifts Which Make A Lasting Difference

As grandmas (and grandpas/ parents) who are serious about handing down the faith there are several essential and important gifts we will give to the children we love. Of course, the most important is the gift of handing down the faith by helping them know they are able to believe in God and trust His Word with confidence. Everything else springs from this.

There is also the gift of learning to be people who walk with God and talk with Him on their own. While hearing and learning how we walk with God is an important thing for us to teach our grandchildren/children, they must take the faith and make it their own.

We also give them the gift of a relationship with us which they are able to count upon and know for sure will last forever. When we tell and show them we love them, no matter what, we are giving our grandchildren/children a very, very important gift. The children we love need to know we love and accept them. When they see our love and acceptance, they are better able to see beyond us to how God loves and accepts them as well. Now, this doesn't mean we do not tell them the truth in love when they are making choices which go against what God wants, but even when we sin, God loves us. We need to do the same. We need to love and accept our grandchildren/children and be sure they know this is rock solid.

This time of year when we think about gifts, and giving gifts which will delight the ones we love, be sure to communicate the great gift of your love and acceptance - this gift does make a huge difference.

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