Monday, December 16, 2019

Hand Down the Faith So They Have a Walk with God of Their Own

I am blessed to have my grandsons at my house for a sleepover nearly every weekend. On sleepovers we typically do things to help them learn more about a life of faith. For 2020 our focus is on helping them learn to be people who talk with God for themselves by having them learn to pray the Psalms back to God. Each weekend for the past four weeks we have been taking time to talk about the upcoming passage in Psalms we will be reading and the prayer from the passage for them to use in the coming week.

Yesterday when we did this I talked with my grandsons about why it matters for them to walk with God on their own. We talked about how they are able to see their poppa and I walk with God - they see us live the Fruit of the Spirit, they hear us pray, see us read our Bibles, they hear us talk with them about our faith and talk about how God has answered our prayers and the prayers of their ancestors. Then we talked about how while these things are important, they are not enough. They have to do these things for themselves for them to walk with God.

We absolutely have to tell, teach our grandchildren what we do to walk with God, but this is not enough. We also must tell, teach them what it means to have a walk of their own with God. Look at this link where I (Lynda Freeman) spoke about this very thing at a Legacy Coalition Grandparenting conference a few years ago. We do not want our grandchildren to be the generation of people who forget God. To stop this, they have to have a walk with God of their own.

To help you equip your grandchildren to have a walk of their own with God in 2020, I am happy to let you know about three resources which you are able to use with them no matter their age/location. The first is Generations Quest. You will find out more about it at this link. One complete year of resources which will give you everything you need to daily engage your children/ grandchildren in reading God's Word with you throughout 2020 is just $10. While this is not very expensive, I know there are grandparents for whom even spending $10 is just not in your budget. If this is you, email me at and I am very happy to give this year of resources to you for free.

The second resource is Generations Quest Cultivate the Faith - you will find it at this link. I am very happy to say this book is available as the Kindle copy for free from December 23, 2019 through December 27, 2019 - stay tuned for more info on how you are able to get this resource to help you hand down the faith to your children/grandchildren! I use this with my grandsons and they love the science projects and how they connect with the Bible points to help them remember the points.

The third resource is Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for ChildrenOur oldest grandson told us he has been using it to pray each morning and evening since we started using it four weeks ago. Our middle grandson told us he doesn't always remember to use it, and his older brother said he would help him remember! Our youngest grandson needs help remembering and reading, so his older brother said he would help him as well. My grandsons are at my house four or five days a week - most weeks, so we always take time to pray the passage for the day when they are here to help them take time to pray. (If you have grandchildren at your home each week, you could do this too - or connect on-line or over the phone to do so.)

This is my husband's and my plan to engage our grandsons in growing in their own walk with God this year. We are praying through the Psalms together and the boys are using Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children while their poppa and I are using Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Grandparents & Parents, Too! as we are able to pray the same passages as our grandsons each week. (I plan to make Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Grandparents & Parents, Too! Kindle copy available for free again February 11, 2020, so stay tuned for this. You are able to find Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children at this link for print and Kindle copies and at this link for the downloadable copy.)

Our grandchildren NEED to have a walk of their own with God. Yes, we absolutely must tell them how we walk with God. We also absolutely must teach them how they are able to do this for themselves and these three resources will help you have the tools you need to hand down the faith, so they have a faith and walk with God of their own. What resource will you use in 2020 to do this?

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