Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Live Intentionally. Do Something Today Which Will Last Beyond Your Lifetime.

I find it hard to believe, but 2020 is just around the bend. Before we know it, we will be entering a new year and a new decade. It is common for people to make, "New Year's Resolutions", but it is also common for those same "New Year's Resolutions" to fall by the wayside in a few months - or weeks - or even days. 

So this year, rather than make "New Year's Resolutions" let's instead be grandmas (grandpas/parents) who commit to live in such a way as to be able to know when God wants us to do something and then do what He wants us to do. Happily, we do know some of the most important things God wants us to do; consider the following . . . 
  • Grow in our own walk with God. He wants us to know, love and walk with Him - if we do not, we will miss out on the amazing joy He has for us and we will be unable to hand down the faith.
  • Be intentional when it comes to handing down the faith to our children/grandchildren.
  • Show and tell our grandchildren/children how much we love them - this may seem like a "no-brainer", but this is one of the very most important things God wants us to do and is an essential part of handing down the faith.
  • Spend time with our grandchildren/children - in person or using tech.
  • Model what it looks like to love God and walk with Him as our actions do speak louder than our words.
  • Commit to an intentional plan for handing down the faith in 2020 - use Generations Quest, or Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children/Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Grandparents & Parents, Too!, use Generations Quest Cultivate the Faith or use another resource you know of, but whatever you choose, commit to an intentional plan for handing down the faith.
Commit to, "Live Intentionally" in 2020. Each day, "Do something which will last beyond your lifetime." Love your grandchildren/ children and hand down the faith.

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