Sunday, December 15, 2019

Live a Life of Adventure

I love what Luci Swindoll said about how we are able to have a life of adventure whether we are seven or seventy! Life is what we make it; we are able to jump in and give it our all - as I wrote yesterday, we are able to give the ones in our lives our, "best part" and when we do, we are able to be sure our life will be an adventure!

Live your life - no matter how many days you have yet before you - fully, joyfully, completely and richly. Model this life of adventure to your grandchildren/children and when they notice - and they will - and they ask you about your joyful, full life, share with them where your joy and adventure comes from - walking with God.

Life with God is certain to be a life of adventure as knowing Him more and more brings a definite fullness and joy to our lives. Of course we want the ones we love to know this life for themselves. It is why we hand down the faith. So, whether you are confident about how to hand down the faith, or find it confusing, when all is said and done handing down the faith is about living your life as someone who walks with God, someone who knows Him, someone who lives a life of adventure, because a life of faith is one filled with the adventure of knowing God, the joy and full life He gives.

So, as you grow in your walk with God, your life of adventure, hand down the faith with confidence . . . when you do, your life of adventure is sure to increase!

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