Friday, December 6, 2019

Our Job with Our Rare, Valuable & Unique Children/Grandchildren

Each of our grandchildren are absolutely, "rare and  valuable" and they are, "unique to all time". God created them, knew them before they were formed, planned how many days they would live and His plans are for their good to bring them hope and a future.

It absolutely is, "our job in life to help them realize" this truth about them. It is our job to "encourage them to discover this uniqueness and provide ways to develop its expression." Part of our job in handing down the faith is to help the ones we love come to see how their uniqueness shows God's great love for them. So, watch for opportunities to do this. Plan opportunities to do this. Encourage them with the truth about how wonderful they truly are!

And again, remember, these things are true about you, too. You are  absolutely, "rare and valuable" and "unique to all time". God has good plans for you and part of His good plans for you involve you being the grandma (grandpa/parent) to the children He has given to you.

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