Saturday, December 21, 2019

Pray & Wait Until the Answer Comes

One of the things we want to do as we hand down the faith is to teach our grandchildren how to talk with God for themselves. Yes, we pray for them - and want them to know we do - but, it is essential for them to learn to be people who talk to God for themselves as well.

Part of teaching our grandchildren about prayer means we teach them to recognize while there are absolutely times - many times when God answers our prayers in ways which match up with what we were asking - or closely match up - there are also times when He does not. There are sometimes times when God gives a clear, "No" to our requests and other times when He wants us to wait.

The waiting is often difficult - a clear "yes", typically is not difficult and even a clear "no" is not so difficult - as it is at least an answer. But those times when we wait, and wait and wait, those are the times when it often becomes difficult. We need to prepare them for all the ways God answers and help them understand when He answers with a "no" or a "wait" it is not time to give up. No! Not at all. It is the time to continue to pray until He makes His answer clear. As Beth Moore said; "God will not always work in your life the way He always has." We - and the ones we love - need to just keep praying and waiting until the answer comes.

(And, to help you and your grandchildren learn to be people who talk with God, check out these free prayer resources from the Christian Grandparenting Network at this link.)

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