Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Gift of Value

This quote from Max Lucado is the absolute truth and it is essential for us to be certain, completely certain our grandchildren and children know this is not only what we firmly believe, but it is the truth about how God sees them as well. Far, far too many people today do not see value in themselves. So many others believe they only have value because of the things they know and/or can do. We must be focused and intentional about communicating the truth - the ones we love (and all people) have value because they exist, simply because they are; not because of anything they say and/or do.

In this season where so many - especially the children we love - are excited about receiving gifts, be intentional about telling and showing the ones you love how you consider them to be some of the best, most valuable, most treasured gifts you have ever, and will ever, receive. Let them know how thankful you are God made them to be the boys/girls they are and He put them in your family. When you do these things you are giving them one of the most important gifts they will receive; they gift of knowing they have value. Be sure to let them know as much as you value them, God values them even more. 

And, look into a mirror and remind yourself how much God values you. The truth is you have value simply because you are; not because of anything you say and/or do as well. Give - and accept - the gift of value; now and all year long.

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