Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Manger Dares Us to Believe the Best is Yet to Be

Our society tends to make such a big deal about famous people when they have their babies - especially some of the royal family in England, as we all saw in 2019. Media even waited outside the hospital for the official news of the new baby's birth.

But, when the one, true King was born, there was no hospital. There was no waiting media. There was no "big deal".

However; it was the "biggest deal" ever! Jesus left Heaven - of His own choice - to be born as a baby to an "unknown", completely not famous family. His birth was announced to simple shepherds; and many believe most, if not all, of these shepherds were children, as it was common for children to tend their family's sheep.  

Jesus came to Earth, so we will be able to one day spend forever in Heaven. He left it all, so we are able to have it all.

Oh yes, the manger dares, encourages and enables us to believe, the best is yet to be! Share this good news with your grandchildren - this is the message at the core of handing down the faith!

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