Friday, December 6, 2019

The View of Themselves We Want Them to Have

Don't you just love this quote from Beth Moore! Isn't this what we want our grandchildren to know and take to heart? Of course we do.

Take time to watch for special things about your grandchildren - watch for when they learn something new, listen for how they are doing at school, pay attention to the new things they are enjoying and take time to share with them how exciting it is for you to be able to watch as God is making them into someone who is unique, someone who is the only one of them, someone amazing!

My oldest grandson is learning to play the saxophone - he is really quite accomplished at it and he loves playing it! I pay attention to what he is doing, how he is learning new songs and make a point to sincerely compliment and encourage him. My middle grandson loves to climb - and will climb nearly anything! My youngest grandson enjoys building and creating. I watch for what they are doing and encourage them as they learn who they are. 

As our grandchildren grow and learn new things, when we pay attention and watch for those opportunities to point out to them how God knows what He is doing in creating them to be the boys/girls they are and He is busy making them someone unique, someone no one else has ever been, we are giving them a very important view of themselves. Is this not the view of themselves which we want them to have?

And, take a look in the mirror. God knows what He is doing in creating you to be the grandma/grandpa/parent He created you to be. He is busy creating you to be someone no one else has ever been. You are unique. You have value. You matter.

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