Friday, December 13, 2019

Called to Hand Down the Faith With God

While what I'm writing today is more focused upon those grandmas (and grandpas) who hand down the faith alone, God's promises to hear, listen, answer and never leave us are for all of us and are promises to which we are all able to hold tightly. 

When we hand down the faith alone without our grown sons/daughters/ in-laws, it is easy to feel alone. I know grandparents who are in this situation; many of them do not say so when they are, as they feel embarrassed. They feel like they have failed as parents and often do not feel able to hand down the faith to their grandchildren. 

The truth for all grandparents - whether our adult children and also handing down the faith, or not - is God has called us to hand down the faith, but He does not expect us to do so on our own. He expects us to hand down the faith with Him. Yes, absolutely, if our grown children are walking with God and are working with us to hand down the faith, this is a huge blessing, but if they are not, the truth is we are still not alone in handing down the faith. 

If we walk with God, look to Him, expect help from Him we are able to be certain of this - He will NEVER fail us. Hold tightly to this truth; particularly if you feel alone in handing down the faith and especially need to be encouraged today. Hold tightly to the truth and continue to hand down the faith, knowing you do so WITH God.

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