Tuesday, December 17, 2019

You Are Part of His Best Plan

There are truly many amazing verses/passages in the Bible, but Psalms 139:16 certainly qualifies as one of them. Just think about what it is saying; even before we, and the ones we love, were born, God knew everything about us! He knew what we would look like, who we would marry, what children we would have and who our grandchildren would/ will be. He knows how long our lives will be as well and He knows how we will choose to live the life He has given to us. He knows if we will faithfully make the choice to hand down the faith or if today is the day when we are going to make this choice.

Handing down the faith may come easily to you; or it may seem intimidating. It is truly one of the most important things we will ever do with our life; we certainly want to get it "right". Whether it comes easily to you, or not, here at Grandmas with Heart it is our passion to equip, encourage, enable and empower you to hand down the faith. This is why we post at least two times a day - to provide information, ideas and resources at no cost to all grandparents and parents to help them with this all-important job.

It is why we are committed to let you know about resources which are also available for you to buy to add to your own "tool box" to help you grow in your walk and have ideas and resources you are able to use to hand down the faith. Throughout 2020 we will be featuring one book/resource a month as our book/resource of the month to help you as you hand down the faith. If you add each of our book/resource of the month to your "tool box", you will find it is not terribly difficult to get them and you will have a valuable set of books/resources to use.

As often as possible I will continue to make my books/resources available for free on Kindle (they allow me to offer a giveaway four times a year for each title) and my resource Generations Quest will always be available for free for any who just do not have a budget to purchase it. I understand what it is like to have a tight budget and want everyone to be able to have the tools/resources to hand down the faith as this is a most important thing for all of us to do; whether we have a budget for resources, or not.

Our grandchildren/children are amazing people. God knew everything about them before they were born and He placed them in our families for a reason. It is His best plan for you to faithfully hand down the faith to these amazing people - it is our honor, delight and joy to help provide the information, ideas and resources which will help you do exactly this.

And, remember, you are an amazing person, too! God knew everything about you before you were born and He gave you to your children/grandchildren for a reason. You are part of His best plan for their lives!

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