Saturday, January 25, 2020

An Essential Part of Handing Down the Faith

I love this quote from Joyce Meyer - it is a message I will absolutely faithfully communicate to my grandsons. I have been thinking about what this quote says for quite a bit lately. For some reason, God has blessed me with the exact children and grandsons I have. He has a "good plan" which will bring me hope and a future - and which will bring them the same. For reasons I do not yet know, my daughter, son (and daughter-in-law) need me for their mom (mother-in-law) and my grandsons need me as their grandma - and I need them in my life as well. God does not make mistakes. There are no accidents in His good plans for us.

God has something for me to accomplish in the lives of my children and grandchildren; something only I am able to do in the way I am able to do it. This means I and the things I do have meaning and matter. The same is true for you. The same is true for your children and grandchildren.

We need to accept and see the truth in how God does not make any mistakes and He cares about every detail of our lives - we need to be watching for the things He wants us to do and then do them as He directs. For example, for some time now I have been praying for my grandsons and asking God to work in their lives in specific ways, so they will learn to know and walk with Him. Each time I pray I feel God bringing Jeremiah 29:11-14a to mind and I sincerely believe He wants me to talk with them about these verses and share with them how they are a message for them from God.

For our own lives and walk with God, we need to see how God works in our lives and for the lives of the ones we love, we need to understand we are not part of their lives by chance, happenstance or mistake. God has us where we are for a reason. We need to take this to heart.

We also need to help the ones we love see and understand this for their own lives as well - it is an essential part of handing down the faith.

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